Ghosts Walk the Shenandoah

kindle cover of Ghosts Walk the Shenandoah
A Murderer's Apprentice Mystery, Book 2

June, 1969

It’s been three years since the terrible murders changed Dara Burke’s life forever. While the teenager struggles with the awful memories from those deadly days, she’s determined to enjoy her last summer before senior year. Until her aunt insists that Dara accompany her to Black Springs, West Virginia to attend a distant cousin’s wedding.

Though not happy – Dara’s never met cousin Isobel and has little use for small towns – she rationalizes that she’ll only be gone a few days.

But after arriving at Isobel’s lonely house in the woods, she feels a dark foreboding.  As the wedding looms, Dara counts the days until she can return home to Baltimore. But then the night before the wedding Isobel’s fiancé is found dead with a bullet in his chest.

The police focus on Isobel, but Dara knows there’s more to the story. As the line between reality and nightmare begins to blur, Dara uncovers a terrible secret that lurks beneath the surface of the seemingly idyllic mountain town.

For Black Springs is a place that holds the darkness close.  A haunted land of secret hollows and dark waterfalls, the earth here is well-nourished with the blood and bones of folk who have gone before.

Now, something stirs in that darkness . . .

Something evil.

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