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Explore the Supernatural with The Murderer's Apprentice

The Murderer's Apprentice, Book 1
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A Murderer's Apprentice Mystery, Book 2
Baltimore, 1966 . . . 12-year-old Dara Burke is about to discover that some monsters are real.

Dara Burke can’t wait for summer vacation. She and her mom fight all the time, and her little brother Alvey is a pain. But once summer comes, everything will be okay.

Until the day the dead boy whispers in Dara’s ear. Warning her about the bad man who was coming for her and Alvey.

Across town, Patrolman Stan Gorsky also looks forward to summer with its crab feasts and cold bottles of Natty Boh. But then the first little boy dies.

Soon Stan finds himself on the trail of a merciless killer. A monster who hunts the little children of Baltimore.

As Stan frantically chases the bad man who is always one step ahead, a dark web tightens around Dara and those she loves.

Somehow Dara must find a way to save her brother’s life . . . and her own!

Book 1 of the  supernatural mystery series The Murderer’s Apprentice


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June, 1969 . . . Dara Burke came to Black Springs for a wedding, but stayed for a funeral.

It’s been three years since the terrible murders changed Dara Burke’s life forever. While the teenager struggles with the awful memories from those deadly days, she’s determined to enjoy her last summer before senior year. Until her aunt insists that Dara accompany her to Black Springs, West Virginia to attend a distant cousin’s wedding.

Though not happy – Dara’s never met cousin Isobel and has little use for small towns – she rationalizes that she’ll only be gone a few days.

But upon arriving at Isobel’s lonely house in the woods, she feels a dark foreboding.  As the wedding looms, Dara counts the days until she can return home to Baltimore. Until the night Isobel’s fiancé is found murdered.

As the line between reality and nightmare blurs, Dara suspects a terrible secret lurking beneath the surface of the seemingly idyllic mountain town.

For Black Springs lies in the heart of the Shenandoah, a haunted land of secret hollows and dark waterfalls. Now, something stirs in that darkness. Something evil . . . 

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Visit Wicked Florida in the Addie Gorsky PI Mysteries

Book 1

When Baltimore City homicide detective Addie Gorsky leaves Charm City to become head of security at Florida’s premier retirement village, she’s glad to leave the big-city mayhem behind. 

But when Mystic Cove’s most obnoxious resident is found dead in his tricked-out golf cart, Addie springs into action. While the cops zero in on the unhappy wife, Addie knows there’s more to the tale. Only the deeper she digs, the more questions turn up.

Surrounded by secretive residents, Addie finds herself caught in a mystery as tangled as cypress roots. And directly in the sights of a killer who is about to kill again.

Book 2

When the owner of China Rose Fish Camp is beaten to death, the bloody scene suggests a random act of violence. But PI Addie Gorsky suspects the crime is connected to the disappearance of a young woman eleven years ago.

Addie soon realizes that this case is rooted in old Florida, back in the time of pirates and conquistadors, and the trove of treasure that legend claims is buried at China Rose.

Addie dives headfirst into the wild heart of China Rose, surrounded by grinning gators, killer bees and gaping cottonmouths.

But these predators pale in comparison to the cunning killer Addie is hunting, and who soon begins hunting her.

Book 3

Tender Mercies Psychiatric Hospital is one of the darker places in the Sunshine State. When a young woman dies while under its care, the family hires PI Addie Gorsky to investigate.

Soon the inconsistencies surrounding Elena’s death start piling up, with the tight-lipped staff blocking Addie’s investigation at every turn. When Addie takes drastic action to unlock the secrets of the Tender Mercies, she discovers a startling conspiracy of deceit and murder.

After a second death, Addie finds herself in a deadly chess match with an unseen opponent. A grandmaster of murder who is always one step ahead.

Can Addie stop this ruthless killer before another life is lost?