The Murderer's Apprentice
The Murderer's Apprentice, Book 1

So far 1966 has been a bust for 12-year-old and big-time square peg Dara Burke.  

Even though her parents are divorcing, they still find the time to yell at Dara to be more ladylike. And soon her big brother Kevin will ship off to a place called Vietnam. 

Still, Dara tries not mind  because it’s almost summer! Then she and her best friend Fran—another square peg—can hang out. Even if her dopey little brother Alvey often tags along.

Then one day the dead little boy whispers in Dara’s ear, warning her about the bad man who was coming.

On the other side of Baltimore, Patrolman Stan Gorsky lives the good life in the land of pleasant living. He loves his family and likes his job. But then the first little boy dies, changing everything. Soon Stan finds himself in the crosshairs of a murder investigation into a calculating serial killer.

More deaths and strange incidents occur. As a dark web tightens around Dara and those she loves, Patrolman Stan Gorsky frantically trails a merciless killer. The bad man who hunts the little children of Baltimore.

In this countdown to murder, who will survive?

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